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The Jet-Air Self-Threading System & Automatic Thread Delivery Systems for £998...........

Do you want comfortable, easy operation and tomorrow's technology? Then spoil yourself with a Baby Lock Imaginé.

At last, no need to follow any threading points and there are no loose threads that could get tangled up. Everything is in its place. But the best thing is: threading the loopers! Insert the desired looper thread into the respective looper port, push the lever down and a gust of air shoots your threads up to the tip of the looper. This applies to all looper threads. And it goes without saying that you can define the threading order yourself. The handy needle threader does a good job when it comes to threading the needles so that the Imaginé is ready to sew in no time at all. Good news for anyone worrying about tension adjustments! Thanks to the automatic thread delivery system from Baby Lock, different threads, fabrics of stitches pose no adjustment problems. Simply place the fabric under the presser foot and get sewing. Hey presto, a perfect seam. You can save yourself the trouble of countless stitch samples.

Baby Lock has come up with a remarkable system to help you stitch curved seams. The extremely small gap between the cutter and needle is a prerequisite to produce perfect curves. Your new Baby Lock offers a whole range of other fantastic adjustment possibilities. You can change the actual stitch width and not just the cutting width, for example, because the chaining finger and the cutter move together in the same direction. This avoids overcutting and undercutting and you don't have to continually readjust the thread tension.

Did unwanted puckering or wavy seams in knitwear and fine fabrics cause you trouble and strife? If so, the Baby Lock Imaginé's adjustable differential feed  (0.6 - 2.0:1) is the solution.

Unique Loopers

The Baby Lock Imaginé features a unique, compact tubular looper system that guarantees fuss-free , quick threading. Extra-strong loopers in a quality similar to that used in industry make your Baby Lock Imaginé fit for more difficult tasks.

Auxiliary Looper / Converter

The Imaginé's auxiliary looper/converter can be easily activated for a 2-thread stitch. Since it is firmly connected to the upper looper, it can't get lost or misplaced.

Jet-Air System

The ingenious jet-air threading system makes threading your Imaginé, child's play. From now on, you are the one who defines the threading order. You no longer need to follow any coloured threading points or start again from the beginning because of a threading error. Forget about loose threads that may cause tangles and confusion. Simply choose the desired looper thread, insert it into the threading port, push the button and the yarn will be threaded up to the tip of the Imaginé's looper as if by magic. In fact, all loopers will. The jet-air system of your Baby Lock Imaginé is simply ingenious!

Never Worry About Thread Tension Again

Thanks to the automatic thread delivery system of your Baby Lock Imaginé. Simply choose a stitch, set the thread delivery system correspondingly and start sewing. No more tiresome tension adjustment every time you use another fabric, stitch or thread thickness. Simply set the automatic thread delivery system to the desired stitch. Your Baby Lock Imaginé will produce exact stitches. There are three sensors: stitch width sensor, stitch length sensor and fabric thickness sensor that help you produce perfectly balanced stitches - with no ifs and buts!





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